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It is our strong belief that doctors should pay attention to the patients, who are in more need of it than transcribing and data entry. APS Scribes will ensure your skills and time are put to right use.

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  • (847) 852-4585
  • info@aps-scribe.com
  • Transcription and EMR management services

    Taking over the responsibility of completion of patient charts, updating medical and social history, APS Scribes free up physicians to focus on patient care.

  • EMR, Prescription, Documentation and Data management

    Patient reimbursements largely depend upon the quality of the chart notes and maintainance patient medical record etc; APS Scribes ensure completion and update of records helping to maximize collections.

  • Customer Care representative

    APS Scribes who assist doctors during examination, also provide customer representation services through a dedicated phone-line, which further deepens the relationship between the patient and the physician.

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