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About Us

Who We Are

APS Scribe has been providing services since 2012 to all clients around U.S. We have focused our energies to design such a system that equips people with exact set of skills and knowledge required to enhance physician productivity by developing expertise in handling various administrative tasks from transcribing patient exam notes to Data and EMR management. APS Scribe promises to improve productivity and increased revenue.

Choose the best for your practice

APS scribes are highly trained professionals, who ensure organization of all your practice data according to the requirements laid out for physicians.

Our Virtual Scribes are trained for your medical practice.

We can work with any speciality and any EMR.

Our Scribes saves your time and money.

Affordable EMR management solutions.

Our Team

We Are A Bunch Of Hard Working Individuals

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Adil Ali

Director Operations
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Rizwan Saeed

Regional Manager - IL
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Sandi Dohl

Regional Manager - NY
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Megan Whitmer

Senior Scribe

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What Our Clients Say ?

APS Scribe service is an extremely valuable resource for my practice. It saves me valuable time that I can use to focus on the patient. Scribes are very professional with an in-depth understanding of the documentation process.

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Syed Shamsi, M.D

Since working with APS Scribe, it has been a very positive experience. Staff are highly professional documentation is accurate and service is efficient and they are very capable with working on multiple EMR systems.

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Gust Verleni, PA

I have had the pleasure of using virtual scribe services for going on one year. It has given me the opportunity to spend less time with documentation and clerical work and more time interacting with patients. I have enjoyed it and I believe my patients have enjoyed it as I've been able to interact with them more and spend less time on paperwork. I've improved my efficiency and I am able to see more patients. The work is efficient and accurate. When I tell coworkers about the service they are amazed that it exists and is utilized. When I go into clinical areas without virtual scribe service I feel like I'm going back into the dark ages!

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Kyle Wiktor

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